Why Should Learning Online and Writing College Papers Be So Hard

Going to online college just became easier!

Adults returning to college online may find help using the following websites.

Studies are reporting that even with the obvious problems in the economy, the growth of online college education is astronomical.  In fact, this trend has extended itself to high school education as increasingly more and more high school students seek their Carnegie units on the web rather than from traditional bricks-and-mortar high schools.  Many states around the nation are beginning or have already begun online high schools that are accredited and growing exponentially. 

This growth in online education has afforded many working adults the opportunity to go to school who would not ordinarily be able to attend due to family, work, and other responsibilities.  Many of these working adults hold down a full time job and go to college over the internet at night.

They are confronted with a world of academia that they may not be prepared for and which may make them feel inadequate.  Many find that they do not have the requisite knowledge and skills that are standard for young people coming directly out of traditional K-12 educational institutions.  They feel left-behind and unprepared for college academics.

However, their insecurities maybe unfounded in the light of new companies and web services that are springing up on the web.  Stanley Garland, CEO of www.edityourpaper.webs.com, conveyed that his website is dedicated to removing the barriers that keep returning adults from enjoying their online and traditional college experience.  “Many working adults find that they need a little bit of help, especially with writing college term papers.  Our website provides them with professional editors that walk them through the process of editing and improving their papers” related Garland.   This website, not only provides simple paper editing, but also uses a live streaming video classroom, telephone consultations, and Skype consultations to connect with student and to help them to improve their writing and to learn proper APA or MLA citation formatting.  Garland reports that “often a student just wants to convey an idea and show the teacher that they understand the concept they’re studying but when they get their paper back; they got a bad grade because they didn’t use correct APA formatting.”  The editors at this website claim to have a 100% satisfaction rating with previous clients and several student testimonials are presented on the website that are very persuasive.

Another liberating website for returning students is www.educatinations.com, which offers a wide variety of course offerings for everyone that might want to learn about subjects from history, to English or Spanish, to psychology.  This website would be a great place for returning college students to brush up on subject area content knowledge and prepare themselves for college classes.  Educatinations employs many qualified teachers from a variety of specialized areas.  The website uses the Adobe Connect Pro live streaming classroom, WizIq, and Skype to connect and teach students.  The quality of classes and curricular development is impressive.  This is definitely a site that we will be hearing more from.


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