Due to the over-abundance of wild or feral hog in South Georgia, companies such as Hogpredators.com have sprung up to fill several niches.  The first reason for this increase in hog control companies is that farmers lose thousands of dollars yearly because of crop damage due to foraging herds of wild hogs.  These animals gorge themselves on vegetation and other crop materials and consume tens of pounds of plant matter during each feeding.  Additionally, in the case of hunting plantations and land owners who are maintaining wildlife areas for the purpose of dove, pheasant, quail and deer hunting, these feral hogs often devastate food plots, deer corn feeders, and other feeding applications that are used to attract and nourish the desired types of game.  Being a non-native, invasive species, wild hogs do quite a bit of environmental damage and  use valuable resources that should be going to build up domestic herds and populations of needed native species.

As a solution to these problems, owners/operators William Jennings and Lee Wilson, provide a very welcomed and necessary service to landowners and at the same time provide the rare opportunity to hunters to have access to prime hog hunting.  Since Jennings and Wilson stay in contact with the farmers and landowners to locate and control South Georgia hog populations, they are aware of exactly the hunting sites at which to do guided night hunting expeditions.  These hunting tours typically span two nights during weekends and often two or three hunters go out and may bag up to 6 to 8 hogs per night during peak seasons. Tours are available for single hunters and for single nights but discounts are provided for multiple nights and more than one hunter.

Contact William Jennings or Lee Wilson for additional information about guided night hog hunting in South Georgia.




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