Web hosting with SmarterASP.net – What is it like?

Great web hosting with smarterAsp.net

The SmarterASP.net home page is straightforward and easy to navigate.


Review of SmarterASP.net Web Hosting


Welcome back blog readers, let me share with all of you a little bit about some of the web hosts that I have been using recently with my web design projects.  Today, I will highlight one of my best recent discoveries, SmarterASP.net, I wholeheartedly recommend them since we have been very pleased with their service, let me explain why . . .

As some of you know for the last several months I have been working on several Joomla websites and I have found that not all web hosts are created equal. Mainly, in the past I have used Godaddy or hostgator for my website hosting for clients but I have recently been on the lookout for a better alternative. Not only have I been “underwhelmed” by some of the major hosts’ prices but I believe that their service and quality have diminished as they have grown into huge corporate beasts. However, this is not the case with my latest and best web host find, SmarterASP.net. They seem to have everything that I look for in a web host. Here are some of my criteria:

  • The ability for one-click installation of applications such as Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal.


  • great track record for up-time, 99.9%


  • easy FTP with SSL
  • Useful and responsive technical support
  • reliable storage technology
  • the ability to run ASP.NET applications like DotNetNuke, Orchard, BlogEngine, mojoPortal, nopCommerce, Graffiti …etc.
    great prices, for many of my clients their $2.95 package for 1 domain is sufficient and more than ample for a basic small business or school website.

In short, I will be actively recommending and using SmarterASP.net with many of my websites and my clients website projects this year. Check back with me for future updates about SmarterASP.net and other facts, tips, and opinions from me, your source for instructional technology and web design info.



3 thoughts on “Web hosting with SmarterASP.net – What is it like?

  1. Hi! Is SmarterASP.net still good? I’m considering to move to them but would like some actual customer feedback. Thanks.

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