In her blog Sherri makes some very poignant assertions about our typical Christian perspective.

Sherri Gragg

A fellow writer once told me of a friend who had been hired by a distinguished woman to research and write her genealogy.  The work was proceeding well and she was happy with the results until it was discovered she was the prodigy of some horse thieves.  She adamantly insisted these particular branches of her family tree be pruned away by pen and ink.

God is far more honest with us about Christ’s genealogy.  There is plenty of the expected there- a nice long line of Jewish men of the tribe of Judah leading straight back from his adoptive father, Joseph, to King David himself but sprinkled in between are a few entries that the average respectable 1st century Jewish family might have been tempted to omit.

The first unheard of and outrageous aspect of Christ’s genealogy is the inclusion of four women.  This deviation from the norm is reflective…

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