Geez, facebook, can’t you leave well enough alone. FB thinks that they need to change things every few months or they are not cool and trendy enough.


Today, Facebook’s mobile apps look like its website shrunk down. Soon, that could change. I’ve seen first-hand the employee-only iOS app build of an evolved form of Facebook’s mobile news feed, which ditches the empty blue and white chrome for full-screen photo tiles and overlaid text. Reminiscent of Flipboard, Google+ for iPad, and Microsoft Metro, the fresh design could make Facebook’s feed exciting again.

I have no information on when this could be released. It could be announced at Facebook’s big launch event tomorrow, take a few more months, or get scrapped altogether. I don’t know if it could come as a standalone app, an option in the main apps, or be mandatory. But it exists, and I’ve seen it, though I wasn’t authorized to.

Regardless of the exact release date, it’s about time for an aesthetic shake-up of Facebook’s main mobile apps. Facebook for iOS and Android moved…

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