WrittenPerfect Targets Georgia Small Businesses


WrittenPerfect Targets Georgia Small Businesses

WrittenPerfect.com, a local Georgia SEO provider, provides tailored services for small businesses. Their SEO strategies integrate social media marketing aimed at the small business market.

PRLogJuly 23, 2015ALBANY, Ga.WrittenPerfect.com, a web writing and website development company based in Sylvester, GA, offers reduced prices on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. SEO has been an increasingly important issue for small business owners. The point of SEO is to ensure that a particular business’ website appears near the top of the search engine results so that potential customers can gain access to the company’s goods or services.

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Studies done by MOZ.com, an industry leader in internet searching and analysis, show that most internet searchers never go past page 2 or 3 of a Google search. This research suggests that it is imperative for websites that want to have optimal exposure to the public via internet search to employ some SEO strategies or else hire a firm that can do the optimization for them.

“The typical webmaster or small business person is just happy to have a website that they can use to promote their company. Most of them are not aware of the thousands of ranking factors that Google has or the best practices that are necessary to rank a website highly in the search engines. It is simply not their job or priority, they just want to make sales and be able to perform the duties of their respective business,” remarks Stanley Garland, CEO of WrittenPerfect.com.

Additionally, social media marketing has become an integral part of an overall SEO strategy for a company. “In this day and time if a company is not plugged in to social media outlets then they are certainly losing money and sales,” commented Garland. “Social media needs to be integrated into the customer’s website and needs to support the business. At WrittenPerfect we have trained professionals with a proven track record of ranking website high in the search.”

For a limited time (July-Sept. 2015) monthly SEO packages have been lowered to $79.00 with proven results.

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Stanley Garland, Ed.S. (CEO) Writtenperfect.com




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