3 Ways 300Editors.com Can Save Your Business Documents

If you need high quality proofreading and editing services in California or really any where reachable from the internet, then you can use 300Editors.com  Best human editing, Best proofreading service!

The advantage of this proofreading option for your business is that it does not use a software to do the proofreading and editing work, it uses real human beings to proofread your work, so the quality and thoroughness is unmatched.

Sure, you can find a cheaper, software alternative, but there is nothing quite as meaningful as having another pair of eyes look at your business documents or academic work.  Furthermore, 300Editors only employees trained and university qualified content experts who know English grammar, syntax, usage, and natural flow well.

As well, 300editors uses a proprietary Google plug-in that operates right through your Chrome browser to allow you to have your document proofread right away, 24/7, so that you can publish your blog, send that critical email, or submit that online academic report as soon as possible.

The wait time for locating a proofreader is less than 60 seconds after requesting one via the Chrome plug-in, 24 hours a day or night.  The plug-in works though your Google docs account and allows you to observe your document being proofread by the skilled expert in real-time.  A great advantage for the student or business person is that you can become more aware and cognizant of your grammar, spelling, and other errors so that you can prevent making those mistakes in the future.

All in all, 300Editors.com seems to be an excellent choice for all of your proofreading and editing needs.




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8 SEO Tips That Take 15 Minutes or Less – Search Engine Watch #SEW

Here are 8 fast and easy SEO tips that you can implement today to boost your ranking with Google and the other search engines.  You can do this! They are very simple and you do not have to have an IT degree to understand them.

8 SEO Tips That Take 15 Minutes or Less – Search Engine Watch #SEW.


While a long standing concerted effort toward SEO can pay off big down the road, don’t forget that sometimes there are quick tasks that can turn the needle.

Over the years, I have heard many times from individuals desiring success in SEO, the request could never gain approval as the resourced time was too great of a budget allocation or that an SEO vendor wasn’t in the budget.

This is true to some extent as a full SEO campaign involves the strategic revision to information architecture, attention to SEO design factors, creation of quality content, a blueprint for a link-building initiative just to name a few items. These tasks can take a lot of time and the thought of this can leave many companies throwing SEO on the back burner.

For those of who you fit into this group, read on for eight simple quick SEO revisions that will allow you to potentially create positive affect with your organic search traffic.

For seasoned SEOs this is rather elementary information but should serve as a reminder of what should be a daily check for a site as they require so little time to assess and can be implemented rather quickly. In fact, you could tackle one of these items every day over your morning coffee and in a little more than a week create the opportunity for additional site traffic.

1. Review Your Robots.txt File; Assess Your Meta Robots Tagging

If you have a robots.txt file on your site, check by visiting /robots.txt. You may be surprised to find out you are withholding pages, folders, images, etc. from search engines that can drive traffic to your site.

Additionally, run a site scan with a tool such as Screaming Frog to assess if there are any pages on your site you are excluding via a meta robots tag. Both of these are a very quick fix if you do find issues.

Unknowingly tagged pages or robots.txt entries are usually the culprit of a developer who forgot to remove the designations when a new page rolled live or a previous site administrator who deemed the quality content unimportant for the masses.

2. Review Your Site Organic CTR by Page; Revise the Worst Page’s Title Element and Meta Description

This is both a conversion optimization and SEO tip. The new world of SEO is heavily focused on the message you send, whether it be search engines or users.

Google provides click-through rate data on landing pages and keywords in your Google Analytics account. You don’t think they are providing this data out of the kindness of their heart do you? They are interested in sites that feature enticing and relative search result displays for web users.

While you may have many landing pages with atrocious bounce rates, identifying the worst one or a few will allow you to revise them in a short span of time to reflect listing users want to click. Simply visit your Google Analytics account and traverse to the Traffic Sources-Search Engine Optimization-Landing Pages section. You can also perform this test through the Keyword dimension of this analytical area as well.

Ultimately, You are improving your site in the eyes of the search engine and you may retain some visitors at the same time.

3. Assess Canonicalization of Your Domain

It only takes a moment to rid yourself of one of the most common forms of duplicate content and link value dilution.

Do your site pages exist at http://www.example.com and example.com? If so then you need to create a permanent 301 redirect directing all non-www. site pages to the www. version pages of your site.

Search engines don’t want to see two versions of your content. It’s helpful to combine the inbound link equity of these versions into one page as many people don’t always target links to your www version of site pages.

4. Review Your Most Frequently Linked Pages on Your Site

Through the use of a tool such as Open Site Explorer you can gain information in the server status of your most linked content. You may find out a site page that went viral last year and gained a ton of links has since been deleted from the server and displays a 404 code. Additionally, you may also see that a heavily linked page has since been temporarily redirected and is in need of a permanent redirection.

Finding a few of these can result in a few quick redirects to help boost the link value on the domain.

5. Review Your Site for Duplicate Title Elements

Do a quick check of duplicate title elements in Google Webmaster Tools. This can indicate duplicate pages, keyword cannibalization, and bad title element structure.

Checking this Google property feature can quickly show you these issues and give insight into whether you need to spend the next 15 minutes writing unique title elements, creating redirects, or thinking about which of the multiple pages should include a certain keyword term.

6. Find Your Most Authoritative Links; Request an Anchor Text Change

I see it all the time, sites which have links from very authoritative sites anchored on the text Click Here, Buy, Learn More. It drives me nuts!

All your anchor text doesn’t need to be keyword-rich, but it helps to identify your strongest links and reach out to these sites and request a text modification to a non-branded are partially branded variation. You can assess your anchor text by linking site authority with tools such as Open Site Explorer and Majestic SEO.

7. Review Your Link Targets in Your Site Navigation and Any Other Sitewide Links

By reviewing the links in your main, footer, breadcrumb and any other supporting navigation you can quickly assess if you have duplicate content issues with pesky default pages (e.g., /index.html). These pages should be redirected to the absolute page and the links should also be revised to target the absolute page. These revisions clean up many, many internal linking deficiencies across your site.

8. Verify Your Google and Bing Local Listing

As web users become more localized in their searching behavior it becomes imperative that your off-site listings are owned by you. It doesn’t take long to claim your listing and show search engines that you have control over your external profiles.

Another reason this is a must: this is also believed to be a local algorithm ranking factor. Look to establish verification with other web profiles on sites such as Yelp down the road.

No More Excuses

Creating an SEO friendly site is no longer too expensive or too time consuming. Taking 15 minutes out of your day here and there can do a lot to the search marketing success of your site.



Web hosting with SmarterASP.net – What is it like?

Great web hosting with smarterAsp.net

The SmarterASP.net home page is straightforward and easy to navigate.


Review of SmarterASP.net Web Hosting


Welcome back blog readers, let me share with all of you a little bit about some of the web hosts that I have been using recently with my web design projects.  Today, I will highlight one of my best recent discoveries, SmarterASP.net, I wholeheartedly recommend them since we have been very pleased with their service, let me explain why . . .

As some of you know for the last several months I have been working on several Joomla websites and I have found that not all web hosts are created equal. Mainly, in the past I have used Godaddy or hostgator for my website hosting for clients but I have recently been on the lookout for a better alternative. Not only have I been “underwhelmed” by some of the major hosts’ prices but I believe that their service and quality have diminished as they have grown into huge corporate beasts. However, this is not the case with my latest and best web host find, SmarterASP.net. They seem to have everything that I look for in a web host. Here are some of my criteria:

  • The ability for one-click installation of applications such as Joomla, WordPress, and Drupal.


  • great track record for up-time, 99.9%


  • easy FTP with SSL
  • Useful and responsive technical support
  • reliable storage technology
  • the ability to run ASP.NET applications like DotNetNuke, Orchard, BlogEngine, mojoPortal, nopCommerce, Graffiti …etc.
    great prices, for many of my clients their $2.95 package for 1 domain is sufficient and more than ample for a basic small business or school website.

In short, I will be actively recommending and using SmarterASP.net with many of my websites and my clients website projects this year. Check back with me for future updates about SmarterASP.net and other facts, tips, and opinions from me, your source for instructional technology and web design info.